Boating and Paddling on Devil's Lake

Devil's Lake provides a wealth of water recreation opportunities, from motor boating and water skiing to canoeing and kayaking. On Devil's Lake, boat launches are located near the campground on the north side of the lake and at the East Devil's Lake day-use park. Paddlers can enjoy a guided trip at Siletz Bay

Road's End State Recreation Site

One of Lincoln City’s most beautiful spots, Road’s End State Recreation Site is a sheltered enclave just north of the town that is perfect if you want to escape the crowds found on the main beaches. Quaint cottages line the shore as it narrows towards Road’s End Point, and there are hidden coves, tidal pools, and little islands to explore along the coast. Clamber over the rocks at Road’s End Point at low tide where you’ll find a secret cove, but be sure to beat the tide on the way back. Popular with sailboarders, Roads End State Recreation Site is well known for hunting and finding hand-crafted glass floats, numbers of which are placed along the public beaches from mid-October to Memorial Day to reflect each year. If you are looking for romantic things to do in Lincoln City, don't miss this perfect vacation spot


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